Differences between MBBS and MD

A lot of people have had this misconception about these two qualifications, MBBS and MD. People do mix the two up and some people also consider them as one. Today, ValueMedic Nigeria will shed light on what the similarities and differences are.

Though both are medical qualifications one needs to acquire to be able to to be considered as a doctor, however, they are different.

MBBS is an acronym for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, an undergraduate degree. After completing this degree, an individual is qualified to practice as a doctor or physician. It takes a period of a minimum of 5 years to complete a MBBS program.

MD on the other hand is an acronym for Doctor of Medicine. It is a Masters of Postgraduate qualification. It means that an individual needs to first complete an undergraduate program (MBBS) in order to proceed to the MD program. It could be completed between 2-3 years depending on the country.  The MD program is considered as a specialized degree.

One needs a MBBS degree to practice as a doctor, however, you do not need a MD degree to practice as a doctor or recognized as a physician.


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