The Challenges in Nigeria Nursing Practice and Profession

The Challenges in Nigeria Nursing Practice and Profession

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The Challenges in Nigeria Nursing Practice and Profession… Part 1 By Saka, Abiodun J. (RGN).

According to nursing times, Nursing seems to be facing more challenges and changes than ever before. The challenges of nursing profession are enormous but it will be unwise to say that challenges only occur in nursing profession. Every institution and profession do have their own challenges too.
A wise man once said that “Change is hard at first. Messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end”. As nursing practice is in a phase of change from the obsolete way of practice to the new more theoretically, technologically and practically advanced mode of practice, it is therefore a must for it to have various challenges.
John Obadiya wrote on his blog that “The greatest challenge to nursing practice is the nurse herself, nurses in contemporary Nigeria are less caring, committed and dedicated to meeting the needs of clients. Most nurses are resistant to change, professional development and advancement “. Although, I am not agreeing totally with the above statement, some part of it are true.
In nursing practice and education, some nurses tend to hold on to previous knowledge and skills without making efforts to improve and maintain new skills. Many nurses are not willing to accept the challenges of staying abreast with education and development of new skills in their areas of nursing practice.
For nursing practice in Nigeria to develop, the Nurses must first rededicate their commitment to the professional ethics of nursing which is to acknowledge that their primary commitment in the profession is to the welfare of the client, regardless of the the clients’s status and also to participate in the development of the profession through continuous education, research and clinical studies.
We nurses need re-orientation about our attitude to practice, profession, society and clients; and then eradicate our resistance to change and global professional, clinical, technological, and theoretical advancement.
Culled from “Challenges, Prospect and Contemporary Issues in Nigerian Nursing Practice”

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