14 Hilarious Reasons Why People Go To The Doctor

14 Hilarious Reasons Why People Go To The Doctor

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We understand that you might have legitimate concerns about your health…but do you really need to go to the doctor to ask them if you can fart without making noise? It is a part of life people, deal with it. If you think you are a hypochondriac then these people’s concerns will make you feel a whole lot better.

1. Are you sure that’s the right choice?

Doctor Questions EMGN9

2. Uhm eight avocados would ruin any person even if they weren’t allergic.

Doctor Questions EMGN4

3. “I’m sorry but you are going to have to live with this terrible affliction.”

Doctor Questions EMGN6

4. Hahaha poor child, bahaha.

Doctor Questions EMGN8

5. This is called adulthood.

Doctor Questions EMGN7

6. Now that’s a puzzle.

Doctor Questions EMGN10

7. Well, no.

Doctor Questions EMGN11

8. “Aaaaand….oh there is no “and”…oh that was the end of your story?”

Doctor Questions EMGN5

9. “I thought I could talk to you about anything, doctor.”

Doctor Questions EMGN12

10. Doctors aren’t supposed to judge!

Doctor Questions EMGN2

11. It really hurts.

Doctor Questions EMGN13

12. Now that’s a pickle.

Doctor Questions EMGN14

13. OK…

Doctor Questions EMGN3

14. “And your problem is…?”

Doctor Questions EMGN1


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