How much gap in studies is acceptable for Canadian visa?

How much gap in studies is acceptable for Canadian visa?

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Study gap has been a common thing recently; many students take a year drop to excel the following year. Previously it was not seen in huge numbers, as the competition is rising, you can see the number of drops rising as well. So, is a Study Gap Acceptable in Canada? Study gaps can be issued by the candidates who are applying for new study permits in Canada.

A very long study gap can prove to be a problem for the university to consider a candidate but the Canadian education system are however lenient enough to consider it for the international students. For undergraduate applicants, study gap for up to 2 years is accepted and for postgraduate applicants, study gap for up to 5 years is acceptable. There are a few exceptions to a few students who have shown exceptional expertise in their field of study. If the student has some work experience then they need to show it to the university as proof for their study gap, a salary slip or appointment letter can be taken as one of them.

There could be many reasons for this gap. The most common reasons and possible solutions are –

  • Health problems: Many times the student needs to take a break from his regular studies because of his health-related problems. It may be of any kind such as an accident, illness etc.

In case of health problem, the student can handle his study gap by providing the testified document of his health.

  • Family situations: There may be a case when the family situation doesn’t allow the student to carry his study further. The student needs to provide his entire time to overcome the situation.

In this case, it is important to be open about the situations and provide honest reason and evidence if any to cover study gap.

  • Reappear in exams: Many times the student scores low in their academic exams and to improve marks he reappears in exams or take admission in the same class a this creates a gap year.

Study gap due to re-examination can be handled easily with the proper justification.

  • Job compulsions: In some cases, the student goes to a job and after year or two he decides that he needs to study more to make his carrier better to earn more for his family members.

When a person decides to study again after a gap, he must produce evidence of his employment. In this case, bank statements of your salary account can come handy.

  • Preparation for Government job: In some cases, students waste their years in cracking government jobs and due to high competition they fail to do so and then they plan to go abroad to study in countries like Canada.

Again with the proper justification, this can be handled

The most important thing, the students must keep in mind is that they must remain honest about their study gap. One must not try to mislead the authorities because it may lead to visa refusal.


FAQS for Study Gap in Canada


Q. Is a gap of 8 years considered by Canadian universities?

Yes, a few universities and colleges accept such applicant if you have reasonable answers to the study gap. Usually, people take a study gap if they’re doing a job or preparing for some exam. If the reason for the leave is genuine even 8 years of gap is considered.

Q. Is a study gap of 8 to 9 years considered for a student visa?

A gap of more than 5 years may be a problem to get a student visa for Canada; however if there are explanations given to the gap you may get the visa easily.

Q. I want to go to college, Should I apply before or after I take a gap year?

The counsellors for abroad education and other admission officials advise the students to apply in college and get accepted before taking a gap year. It then keeps the choices open for the student to decide whether they want to go ahead with college or improve their scores by taking a gap year.

Q. After taking a study gap, am I still eligible for scholarships and financial aid?

If a student is in need – basis financial aid but has taken a gap year, they need to reapply the following year for the financial aid. In the case of scholarships, there are high chances that it remains with the student until they join college after taking a year gap.

Q. What do the college admission officials think about a gap year?

Over the years the admission officials have been considerate to accept applications having study gap in them, in fact, some even encourage the admitted ones to take one. In Harvard University 107 of 1,665 Harvard freshmen took a gap year and the results of it were positive which led them to think it as a good option.


Real-Life Experiences


“I would like to share my personal experience. I had graduated in 2013 and since then I have been working in my own field. After arranging funds in 6 years, I decided to apply for study visa in 2019, but after IELTS when I visited some prestigious consultants, they told me that I was not even eligible to apply due to educational gap of more than 5 years. I got highly disappointed. But I was confident enough; thus, I decided to try at least once because I had my work experience to cover that gap. I arranged all my required documents in a genuine way and my consultant lodged my file on 4th May 2019. To my surprise, I received my study visa in just 7 days. My efforts and belief finally paid me. Therefore, I would suggest not to give up. If you have valid reason to cover your gap and your SOP is strong enough, then you will surely get visa. Stay Positive and keep making efforts.” ………… Naib Singh


I would like to mention here that if you can justify your gap with proper explanation, you wont face more problems. I got visa after having 6+ years of study gap. I applied to seneca college for advance diploma course. I was not sure whether i would get offer from any college. Many reputed consultancy told me not to apply for student visa. I was getting negative vibes. So i decided to do it by myself. So if you have study gap, don’t worry. Just provide each and every legitimate documents. In my case i was working for a company in that gap so i provided experience certificate, salary slips etc.” ……
Ankit Thakor

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