What is the age limit to apply for student visa in Canada?

What is the age limit to apply for student visa in Canada?

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There are not age limits associated with study permits for Canada.

Long answer is it depends on a number of factors that visa officers take into account before granting that visa and in that case age matters.

If you have finished your college or university degree say 20 years ago and now all of a sudden you want to study in Canada then you have to convince a lot to the visa officer that why is it that you decided after such a long gap to continue your education or improve it. Because mostly visa officers will assume you are a potential immigrant and just using the study permit cover to immigrate to Canada.

So it varies case to case basis. If you are a legit applicant with a legit need to study certain course then you should not hesitate to apply for your study permit. Thumb rule is that if you have more gaps in your last qualification and current age the more likely outcome of a study permit will be a refusal and the reason is obvious i.e. a potential risk of immigrating in the disguise of study permit.

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