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Cyprus has a subsidized and students-friendly higher education. Universities in North Cyprus are known for quality Education at International standards in English medium. International Students have the opportunity to enjoy qualified faculty members at international standards. Education in North Cyprus is in line with the American Credit System.

Cyprus has achieved an unprecedented growth, not only in student population, but in academic infrastructure and faculty as well. We have a fully English speaking staff and an exceptionally low student/faculty ratio in many departments.

Compared to more popular Study Abroad Destinations around the world, Cyprus ranks among top academic institutions, hence, the reason for the influx of international students. Cyprus has the warmest climate and warmest winters in the Mediterranean part of the European Union.

The cost of living in Cyprus is incredibly reasonable, and once you start getting to know the locals you will barely pay a dime to have a good time in Cyprus. Cyprus is blessed with natural beauty and has one of the healthiest environments in the world, free from any kind of pollution; crime rate in Cyprus is next to nothing. Cyprus is a beautiful island to study abroad in, and offers beautiful beaches, mountain scenery, and cultural depth to any student eager to explore what it has to offer. Some call Cyprus the island of love.

Study in Cyprus provides high value for private education as an overseas destination and has;

  1. Very affordable Tuition fee with installment payment option.
  2. Natural beauty, rich history, beautiful beaches, tranquility.
  3. Openness to diversity and multiculturalism.
  4. English-speaking people & hospitality.
  5. Safe and peaceful environment with no ethnic or religious tensions.
  6. Fantastic weather, colorful social and cultural life.
  7. Direct Turkish Airlines flights from major African capitals.


  1. Medicine and Surgery (6 years)
  2. Nursing (4 years)
  3. Molecular Biology and Genetics(4 years)
  4. Dentistry (6 years)
  5. Biomedical Engineering (4 years)
  6. Audiology (4 years)
  7. Nutrition and Dietetics (4 years)
  8. Social Work (4 years)
  9. Pharmacy (5 years)
  10. Physiotherapy and Medical Rehabilitation. (4 years)


  1. Anatomy
  2. BiostatisticsClinical Pharmacy
  3. Histology & Embriology
  4. Medical Biochemistry
  5. Medical Biology and Genetics
  6. Medical Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology
  7. Nursing
  8. Pharmaceutical Botany
  9. Pharmaceutical Technology
  10. Pharmacognosy
  11. Pharmacology
  12. Phytotherapy
  13. Toxicology

  1. Copy of O’Level Result
  2. Copy of Certificates (For Postgraduate applicants)
  3. Datapage International passport.
  4. Copy of Transcript (For Postgraduate applicants)
  5. Copy of CV (For Postgraduate applicants)
  6. Application Fee.

  • Resumption Dates: Sept & Feb every year.
  • Deadline: We have a rolling system of admission, therefore, students can apply anytime in a year. You will be automatically moved to the next available semester when the required number is achieved. You are hence advised to apply much earlier than your proposed start date.
  • Tuition Fee: The tuition fee for undergraduate programs is €2,800, while Postgraduate Tuition starts from €1,200. Tuition Fees can be paid on Installment basis. 
  • Accommodation Fee: Shared rooms start from €100/person/month.

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